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Hello 2018,Please Be Good To Me

Hey Y’all,

How are you all doing? Hope great, happy New Year once again…how is the New year looking on you? Looks promising right? I hope so. Anyways I planned to make some changes in my life this year and today is day one; I got up by 4am, jumped on the stationary bike and now I’m writing this post.
I also promise you all I would post as often as I can regardless of the topic (baby steps right?), just to let y’all know I’m with you always and would like to keep my word. It doesn’t mean than my post won’t involve the usual funny, life changing and awkward stories cause most of the time they would.  So let’s get started shall we?

Guess what I did on 31st night? I went to church, then market, cooked and tried to relax around 5pm… Before midnight I was reflecting on my life and thinking of how I can begin my year in a progressive way. I thought about my career, marriage, my past, present and future, watched a little of Game of thrones (Yeah I decided to start watching it cause to be honest most of my favorite TV show closed for the year and my sis and bro kept telling me how I am missing out when I told them I don’t get the thrill of the show ‘GOT’ . Anyways, I picked up my phone and checked my Facebook –guys, please don’t do this at the end of the year or when you are trying to have a positive vibe the next morning (I mean social media is great but it can be really depressing sometimes, especially at the wrong time of the day).  So, I decided to check on my ex (he is my friend on Facebook but I set all his post to be hidden from my timeline after he shared a photo of his girlfriend calling her “the love of his life”) two of them actually; one had nothing new and the other who was my first love shared a photo of his traditional wedding – I know right? really bad timing.

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The truth is, we chatted sometime last year after I had a dream about him and just wanted to check on him. He told me his was engaged (nothing lead to this conversation) and I wished him well and never contacted him again cause according to my sister, it  was his way of telling me to back off. I would tell you what the message (he still made mention of the “love of my life” in the caption) read but I don’t plan to check his page anymore, I’m even considering deleting him but I don’t know how that would look. Yeah I said, I plan to let go this year and not care what people say or think about me but I don’t want to give him any wrong ideas –like I’m upset he is married or have moved on. The thing is I didn’t know how I felt when I saw those pictures (his wife also shared on her timeline) but I was quite emotional and I began to question why I wasn’t married. My ex was a liar and a cheat and I knew he would get married someday but I never expected it would be this soon. Most people I know or dated are married, the Jehovah witness guy I dated last year also got married this year. I knew that none of these men were my husbands but I just felt a little sad especially with my first love I dated for four years. In September last year, I had a dream that he proposed to me and I said yes and immediately I thought about how bad he was in bed and wondered if he was better now – please don’t ask, dreams are weird like that, lol. When I woke up ,I thought about the dream and wondered what it meant, I also asked myself if marriage was what I wanted (with him) but my heart was saying no – he lies, cheats, I can’t tolerate that lifestyle …so I made my peace with it.

Though I shed a few tears, I managed to begin my new year in a positive note. We were not meant to be, we were young and wanted different things. He probably met the “love of his life” and might be good to her or her to him… all the same I wish them well.  I just hope to meet the right person this year and finally settle down but if not, life goes on. I plan to live a clean, healthy, peaceful and successful life whether with a life partner or not. Sometimes I wonder if the right guy for me is in this country or exist but I know he does and I’m waiting patiently for our union. In the meantime is all about my career, dreams and aspirations, how I can impact people’s lives and just live the dream. 2018 is a great year and a lot of awesome things will unfold, I can taste it. So first post of the year, I’m excited, hope you are too? I pray this year will bring blessings, favor, love, peace, joy and prosperity to you and yours. 2018 please be good to us… if you don’t mind sharing your plans for the year on this platform, please make use of the comment section and let’s talk about it.  Thank you and have a great day!

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