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I Had a Thing With My Neighbor {Part 1}

Well when I say a “thing” I don’t mean a fling, I barely do flings (and don’t judge anyone that does) –so it wasn’t a fling, what was it then? You ask…to be honest i don’t know but it was something. This happened when I got my own apartment, I didn’t know what to expect or to do what I did (trust me it wasn’t that big a deal…or was it? hmmm, maybe). I was just a single gal, looking for privacy and trying to make ends meet.

The Neighbor

Let me make a quick introduction about this guy, he lived with his mum (although he said he paid the rent),brother and sister(she was in school when I moved in) ,their flat was opposite my little apartment (it was a boys quarters – I just needed a place really bad),he works at the bank. He was tall, ruggedly handsome and had a mystery look about him – these I got to know as we got to know each other ….
Just so you know it was my first time. Yeah, I have never done anything like this; my family and i lived in different rented flats with different people (not like a crowded compound), we were mostly the indoor type (it’s the way my dad brought us up, Bless his soul),I don’t know if its cause this time I was living on my own or that I was unemployed few months after living there but it just happened. The first time I met him was in December when he walked to my door and gave me a Christmas card, I thought it was sweet and no one had ever done that before – though I noticed he gave my other neighbor but it was still sweet. Every month he knocks at my door to get security bill and somehow we became friends – say hello to each other each time we see… Until one day, I attended evening mass and saw him in church, so we walked home and he asked for my number.

Getting Friendly…I have a ‘video call’ Boyfriend

After two to three weeks, I was going about my usual business (being unemployed and applying for jobs) and had an interview (a presentation – still can’t believe I didn’t get that job after the stress they put me through) in few weeks. So he sent me a message on Whatsapp, since I didn’t have his number ,I had no idea who I was chatting with, so I asked and he said “It’s your neighbor”, in my head I said oh it’s now he contacts me, lol. Anyways we got talking chatting and it was going really well, we asked each other questions (or as 50 cent will put it 21 questions). Meanwhile I had a video call boyfriend at the time, I call him that because he was always interested in doing video call with me and asking me to show my parts, it was annoying – I gave this guy a chance because he was my faculty mate back in school and we were friendly at the time. He asked for my number on Facebook and called to tell me how he feels and that we should start dating, I wondered how it would work since he lives 751.89km (by road) away from me, but I didn’t have a boyfriend and I was bored and broke,lol… so I needed the distraction – let just say it didn’t go well.

We are both in distant relationships
Back to my neighbor, we talked about almost everything (everything??? Like that’s possible), I even asked if he had a girlfriend…well right after he asked me. He said yes and she lives far away too so I just assumed their relationship was like mine (what relationship? smh)…boy! Was I wrong?! You know how you get really personal with someone and being attracted to that person makes it more intense. The first night we chatted till 2am ( it started by 8pm the day before ,we stopped since he had to work the next day- I didn’t tell him I was unemployed so I kinda felt bad that I was keeping him up till that time).  Two days later, I didn’t hear from him ( it was a weekend) and I was getting worried and having all kinds of thoughts – hope he was okay, was he bored (nah, that’s not it) already and wanted to blow off some steam? I didn’t want to call him since we just started communicating and I didn’t want to seem desperate (I wasn’t by the way). So finally, he reached out and started explaining how his phone crashed without me asking what happened I smiled because I didn’t even ask him and he just kept explaining – it just showed that he also missed me.

Chatting time over, we need to meet…hope no one notice

We continued our usual conversations and acknowledged how it was weird that we missed each other those few days we didn’t communicate. And somehow he opened up about how he felt and I did too but we agreed that we could not do anything about it since we had relationships. The late night chats continued and it got pretty intense, so he came to see me one night from work. I wore a blue and white stripe sleeveless top and bum shorts – I was kinda shy and I could tell he was too. So we talked briefly, he had to go and I asked for a hug, so we hugged. He got to his flat, freshened up and started chatting me up again, gushing about how beautiful I am… he words “I knew you were beautiful but not this beautiful”. We also talked about how awkward it was that we just stood across each other and talked when we really wanted to kiss each other so bad.

So we scheduled a kiss, lol. Since we didn’t want other neighbors to know what was going on and it was too late for him to visit, he had to go to my back window and that was how we kissed (I know right?! WTH was that?) – Again, another thing I have never done before…it had to happen though, lol. The next day we talked about how weird it was kissing from the window, so we arranged to do it face to face. We did and things got heated from there – he got me so hot I could not remember the last time I felt that way.  It became a usual thing, every night meet up, smooch and stuff (we didn’t have sex but we did stuff!) … until I started having real feeling and guys! When this happens, sneaking around is not just fun anymore. You want to know where it is headed; you want to know why you are not good enough to be his girlfriend).

Part 2 same time tomorrow.

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