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Why I am Not having Sex

Just saw a cute Lebanese guy in my estate and I remember seeing him with a Nigerian girl, probably his girlfriend. And I imagined the kind of sex they would have; I know it’s weird, maybe it’s cause I’m ovulating I don’t know, lol.

It made me wonder, why I am not having sex. And I realized, I’m not having sex because I’m waiting to do it with my husband. I’m I a virgin, no. Of course, I think about sex but I’m not just hoping to have it randomly cause I have an itch. 

Would it be nice to have it? yeah but I think waiting is better for me. You know, I’ve been trying to date and see if I have a potential mate, but I keep meeting unserious guys. Most guys are just so boring these days, the minute you give them your number and you guys start chatting, the next thing, they are asking is to send your photos. 

I don’t like taking photos (selfies maybe), so it could be a deal-breaker for them since I’m not just that girly -girl that just wants to be in front of the camera all the time. I try to avoid anything that would lead to that conversation but it always gets to that. 

While some want to talk about sex right away and I’m just not up for it, so… 

Would I love to have sex? Yes, someday but I’ve not been able to meet that person I can willingly open up to and feel safe enough to do that. Some might feel I’m being a little extreme and that should be called love-making since “sex is just sex”. But that is not true, sex is sacred to me and I believe when you have it, it’s beyond physical.

So yeah that is why I am not having sex. Why are you not having sex? I’m sure we all have different reasons. I’d love to hear yours.

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