Reintroducing Life and Dating

Okay so I just moved to wordpress ,yeah I did and the excitement has made me not to post anything here. Which is crazy cause that is the point of having a blog/website.  I have not just been staring at the site,i was actually trying to do some technical stuff myself ,so that takes a lot of time.

Anyways i have summoned the courage to do so and i just want to tell you guys to please come along with me and let’s make the site go viral. Yes,it’s Life and Dating,in a new platform and hopefully producing fresh amazing content.

Not that blogger was not great,it was it’s just that free things can’t guarantee you a 100% running website. I’m sure you have noticed some downtime on this site a couple of times – that was not great for my site growth.

Yes ,i want to grow this site and start taking it seriously cause i feel like i can do more good than harm on here and you guys would benefit from not just my experience in life,work and dating but from family,friends and people willing to share their stories here.

Thanks guys for sticking around,i hope i can continue writing the stories and entertaining notes you love on here. Also,i would like to know what you are most excited about reading.

From my analysis,it seems you love the dating experience post – will probably update that and add more exprerience as we move ahead.

So stay tuned or will i say bookmark this and expect nothing short of interesting and mind blowing stories. Wow,i can’t believe i wrote this after staring at it for so long ,i didn’t know i could do anything else,lol.

It’s feels good to have an opening or will i say a reintroduction to the site. Incase you missed that check here.

Alrighty,till my next post. Have a great week ahead!


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