Happy New Year LD Family

Happy New Year LD FamilyHappy New Year LD family, your pal have been busy all year round and you know how you are so busy and working so hard that you can’t see your effort in cash? Yes, I said cash because that is what I need –I have to pay bills you know.

Sometimes our effort doesn’t always come through cash, it could come through meeting someone that could take you to a better position or situation but I was hoping for my efforts to reflect in cash.

Anyways, this is not me ranting; this is just me telling you what a year i have had. I was transferred to another site (with a lot of issues of course) and it took me a few months to sort it out or at least get it to a routine level which led to me being away from you all for too long.

I don’t have any resolutions or promising you guys anything but I hope to do better with Life and Dating and want to appreciate you all for sticking on here and checking on the site even when there was no new content.

This year seems promising, I know it seems like we say this every year but I have a gut feeling that this year will be better. I hope to be more intentional with my goals and stop overthinking –it has caused me so much loss and who knows if I had just taken that step (no matter how big or small, ready or not) and where it would lead me.

So I hope to do better with this site and be consistent regardless of what life throws at me. I have a lot of things to discuss but I was worried about it not being long enough and all that algorithm BS that at the end of the day I ended up not sharing it . And then I see someone else doing it and I’m like aarrrrgh! So I hope you guys would like my new ideas/content and resonate with them.

Let’s not try to compete with each other but aspire to be better versions of ourselves.

But please if you don’t like some content or you love some, comment below and I promise (oh I said I’m not promising anything) to give you what you want –it is about you by the way.

So I wish you all a successful, healthy (yeah we can all use good health with different viruses coming out every month *rolls eyes*), liberating and hassle-free New Year.

Happy New Year LD Family!!!


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